Bloodied men slash each other with machetes in street as woman begs them to stop

Horrific video shows two men – one of them severely bloodied – attacking each other with machetes in a residential street as a terrified woman begs “please don’t”.

The men swing wildly at each other with blades measuring about 18ins in length as witnesses urge them to put the weapons down and others encourage them.

At the start of the distressing video, one of the men, wearing a black vest top, has a deep cut near his ear and his neck is covered in blood.

The second man appears to suffer at least one slash wound during the fight and seen bloodied towards the end of the footage.

Two men, aged 31 and 26, were arrested on suspicion of assault following the incident in Morecambe, Lancashire, on Sunday, though it was unclear what sparked the fight.

The minute-long clip begins with the men trading insults in the street as the man wearing the hoodie wields a machete.

The man in the black vest asks: “Where’s my thing at?”

The other man replies: “Go get your thing.”

The man wearing the vest removes his top and is handed a machete as he runs towards a truck parked nearby.

As the machete-wielding men square off in the street, a woman screams “please don’t” and another woman shrieks as the pair begin to swing at each other.

The machetes clash against each other, and the shirtless man loses his blade as he swings at the other man.

The other man, with his machete raised in the air, chases the shirtless man as he says: “Oh, you’ve had it now, boy. You’ve had it now.”

A woman pleads “don’t” as the shirtless man scoops his machete off the floor.

The blades appear to connect as the men swing wildly

The hooded man is struck over the head and ducks, and the shirtless man then drops his blade and begins punching his rival in the head.

He rains down punches as the other man – who now appears to be bloodied – lay on the floor and a witness screams “kick his f***ing head in”.

The hooded man, who is down on the floor, is then kicked twice in the head by a third man as the shirtless man continues to wrestle with him.

The video ends with the shirtless man falling to the floor as he attempts to stamp on the hooded man.

Lancashire police confirmed two men aged 31 and 26 and both from Morecambe, were arrested on suspicion of assault.